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Equinox offers a complete range of services for logistics and warehousing. Equinox systems control mission-critical operations in the distribution process. Therefore, customer system support is a key service to our clients and a cornerstone of the Equinox organization. In addition we offer services at the start of your project. Our specialists will help you determine the best mix of storage and handling equipment, optimize your facility layout and select the implementation strategy best suited to your needs.

Sorter doctor upgrade program

Our Sorter Doctor Upgrade Program is the solution for under-performing sorters. Let us review your existing sorter to help maximize your warehouse efficiency.


We understand our systems control mission critical operations in the distribution process. That’s why our support professionals are available 24/7.

Operational consultancy

Let our specialists advise you on optimizing the layout and product flow within your distribution centre.

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To find out what we can do for you we pay a visit to your distribution center and provide a report of our findings.

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