Prepared for the future: Equinox includes Geek+ robotics in their portfolio

The rise of robotics is indisputable. With the fast paced growth in e-commerce and Courier Express and Parcel markets, the need for automation is growing each day. Combined with a continuing labor shortage it is becoming more challenging to meet the increasing demand in these markets. Complete or partial automation offers the tools to face the growth while maintaining profitability.

In order to continue providing our customers with cutting edge solutions, we are expanding our portfolio with robotics. We were looking for a partner in robotics with high quality products, a commitment to innovation and experience in the market and found this in Geek+.

Geek+ is leading the intelligent logistics revolution. They have won several awards, including the Robotics Innovation in Supply Chain Excellence Award. Equinox will act as an official distributor in Europe for Geek+.

“As a system integrator we have to stay at the forefront of the market to offer our customers the solutions they deserve.” says Peter Voet, sales manager at Equinox. “Robotics are one of the areas we want to focus on. Humans will remain an important factor in logistics, but there is no denying that automation is becoming more common in logistics. By looking beyond our own abilities and establishing lasting partnerships, we are able to provide our customers with the latest innovations. I personally see a lot of potential in hybrid solutions. This allows us to combine the proven solutions already included in our portfolio with Geek+ solutions.”

Jackson Zhang, Global vice president and president of EU at Geek+ adds: “We were impressed by Equinox’s strong dealer network and firm position in Europe in the logistics and automation field. I believe the combination of their sales network and our intelligent robot systems will bring great benefit to warehousing and logistics.” 

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