Introducing Geek+ picking systems

The Geek+ picking system is a goods-to-person solution that moves complete shelving systems towards operators. By moving the items towards pickers, the operators tasks are less physically demanding and the amount of mistakes is reduced.

The system itself exists of a number of robots that move around the warehouse and lift complete shelving systems. The shelves are equipped with PTL displays, that guide the operator through the picking process. Each operator has a picking station from which they pick items from the arriving racks and distribute them to the correct orders. The putting of items is done with a similar process. Special put stations are used to put items in the correct shelve. The robots come with a charging station which they visit automatically when needed.

Increased storage density
By using robots for the picking process, the density of storage can be increased as well. As the robots can pass under the shelves, the number of aisles can be reduced and the aisles themselves can be more narrow. This allows more storage in a given space.

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