The right tool for the job: finding the right sorter for your process

Automation is on the mind of many companies. A proven solution to increase picking and sorting efficiency is the implementation of a sorter. However, these decisions require a lot of research before getting it right and the choices can be overwhelming. In this white paper, we discuss when the time is right to invest in automated sorting and guide you in selecting the right sorter for your process.

Creating order out of chaos
Sorters are used to sort items in warehouses, hubs or distribution centers based on their destinations. Random flows of items are combined into ready-to-ship groups. Sorting parameters depend on the type of company or logistic process. For example, postal or courier companies often sort by routes or postal code to gather all items for one driver. However, retail companies might sort the items per store. When looking at e-commerce or omnichannel orders, items can be sorted per order or if the amount of orders is very large, a combined batch of orders.

When sorting a batch of orders, a second sorting process is required to further consolidate the items into specific orders. This fine sorting could be done by using put-to-light cabinets or another manual sorting system like scan-to-sort.

The different capacities when looking at sorter capacity

To further dive into this subject, download our guide to sorter selection. This whitepaper will provide you with further information that will help you grasp the process towards automation. These are based on our lessons learned and frequently asked questions. However, every sorter and process is unique and therefore there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to sorters. If you are left with any questions, be sure to contact our experts and we'll help you find the best solution.

Sorter selection guide

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